Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hi everyone! 
I haven't blogged in a while. It has been a whirlwind for the past 7 months.  This has definitely been the hardest thing to decide, but time and prayer has definitely healed me so I feel I can share. I also feel it is time to move on. God has restored my heart and definitely my faith.

Here is a blog I had started to write but never got to finish.....

Monday~ 11-19-12
The happiest day of my life, besides my wedding day of course! Dan and I found out we are expecting our first baby. My emotions are all over the place. We have waited for this for a long time and I have to admit there were days I wondered if it would happen. 
I went to a normal appointment to have my blood drawn to check my hormone levels. I remember sitting there in the doctors office right next to a couple that was overexcited to be finding out what they were having. I remember sitting there feeling bummed and wondering when my day was coming. Little did I know......
The nurse drew my blood and told me they would have the results in a couple hours and would let me know if it was ok to take my medicine again. Later that afternoon I missed the call on my cell. I was at work so I thought I would just call them right back on my work phone. The front desk lady answered and I told her my name and was returning a call to the nurse. Instead of having me leave a message like they normally would they said oh hold on one second. The nurse got on the phone and sounded so chirpy and just tells me well your levels were great and your PREGNANT. I was in complete shock I could hear her just going on in the background but don't even remember what she was saying. Then realized I couldn't say a word without the girls knowing I just remember 
saying Oh Ok in the most normal voice LOL! I finally said I'm at work and she is like Oh, Im so sorry! I told her I would call her back.......

I found this note today. I had wrote this when I had finally accepted the fact that it was really true. I was 8 wks along and honestly felt that I could tell my family. That God would not have given me this baby after 5 yrs. of trying and waiting for so long just to take it away. 

I decided to wait to tell my family on thanksgiving day. It was so crazy because my sister had woke up that morning and was getting ready in the bathroom. She later told me she told Mark she just felt that I was pregnant. Crazy right?!? I guess there really is a sisters intuition. I'm so glad she did have that because when we had told my family we wanted to give them something Mark had his camera out. 

These shots I'm going to post are hard for me to even look at sometimes, but then again SO special! They are apart of our life and I know when my next baby comes I will be thankful for these memories.

Those moments of telling my family was everything I imagined it would be and more. Tears of joy and lots of hugs! Ill never forget that. 

When the news came later I had lost the baby heartbroken can not even describe what I was feeling. I was never mad at God, but upset that this had taken place. Questions filled my head like "why would God even give me this baby only to take it away? " I remember many nights crying to Dan, my sister, and my mom wondering if I would ever be happy again. Would I be able to laugh and feel joy again? 

I will never understand Gods ways, but I only know that he has been so good to us. We are so thankful for our family's for praying for us and just being there constantly if we needed them.  I cannot even count the phone calls from my mom, dad, sister, and sister-in-love Nadine where they just let me cry or say whatever I needed to say just to get it off my chest. I love you all SO much! 

There are no possible ways even to express the love I have for my husband now even more than before. He was right by my side grieving as well and taking good care of me. We have become stronger and love even more. So if I talk about my husband all the time or how I'm so thankful for him it's because of so much we have been through and time and time again he proves he will always be there for me.

When we planned this trip I was thinking a fresh new start is what we need. We have certainly gotten that. I recently had God speak to me through two people on the same day! We are praying and believing that its going to happen real soon again!  

A couple positive things that have come from this is that now I know I CAN get pregnant!! Also I have lost 17 pounds recently to try to help get my body ready for a baby. It's making me feel better knowing I will be healthier to carry that sweet baby of mine when the time comes. 

So I guess you say why share now? Well since we wanted a fresh new start and are finally getting peace again, I wanted it all off my chest and out in the open. A few have known and thank you all so much for the sweet gifts, hugs, emails, texts, and calls. Even if we did not respond to them all we appreciated them.

 All I know now is that I am trusting in the one true God and with him "ALL things are possible!"
Goodnight everyone!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

 Ever since I first got married my grandma had started me on decorating my house for every holiday.
Now don't get me wrong I totally love Pinterest, but before there was such a thing you had to come up with ideas on your own. 
Also remember reading Women s World at my grandma's and loving their cooking ideas and such!

I have been decorating for 6 years now and just LOVE it! I get so excited when the next holiday comes around and dig out my bins from the garage and go to town. Normally staying up all hours of the night because I'm on a roll and don't want to stop. Anyone been there?!

My new thing this last year was decorating a little tree for every holiday. I had never seen anyone do it in their homes around here, but loved seeing them on blogs or when I would past those little shops and see their holiday trees in the display window. 

              (My Thanksgiving and Kitchen Zebra tree last year,)

Right now I've been working on my Valentines Day one. I didn't want anything related to Christmas on it to make it look least like a Christmas tree.  I went with the colors and designs of my mantle decor. Hounds-tooth  Damask  Red, White, Pink, and Black. I decided to take all my felt I had lying around the house , lace, ribbon, and my big bin of buttons and make little heart ornaments. 

They turned out cute and best of all cost me nothing!

 I'll post pictures soon of my little tree and  Valentines Day mantle. Just finishing up the last touches. 
Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tis the Season

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.  I loved spending it with my family. I cant believe its already the 2013. Here are some pictures of my holiday decor.....



Having fun with my vinyl machine. Love the look of a saying on my front door. Definitely going to be putting a different one up for every holiday from now on.

 My hot chocolate bar this year. =)

Today I took down all my decor. Its never as much fun as putting it up but I'm excited for my Valentines Day decor.  I'll keep you all updated! Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, November 12, 2012

We Are Family!

A week ago we got our family pictures done. We could not have been happier with them! I could look at them every day. 

I'm so thankful for my family. I feel SO incredibly blessed that we are very close. We have Monday night dinners at my parents house (if the guys are not working)  If we want to get out for dinner or get out to go somewhere we call each other up. Even if we want a getaway/vacation we prefer to go all together.  I laugh my hardest when I'm with my family and honestly feel I am my happiest when I'm with them too!

I am so thankful for wonderful Godly parents that raised me. They put a lot of good values in me. I'm sure there were days when they were wondering if I was even listening to them, but I was!!! I find myself now repeating those same things they taught me to the youth and I know later in life I will teach my kids those same morals and values.

I appreciate and love them very much!

I'm also thankful for my wonderful sister and my brother-in-law! They are perfect for each other and are our closet friends. Love you guys!

You all know what I think about my hubby so I'll spare you all on going on and on about how much I love him. Haha! Here is our sweet little family.....

Everyone have a great week!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Passion..... His Projects

Yes, the title pretty much explains it all and my hubby would completely agree haha!
 We have loved making this house our home. Yes, sometimes there was some grumbling. Me, when he suggested that we work in the yard. Him, when I got this idea that I wanted to do but could not help him in anyway, shape, or form. Sound familiar girls? =P
BUT, my hubby would have to admit at the end of the projects he is happy with his work and we shared many laughs working on it together. 

(Our Second Home is seems like!)


Painted our staircase railing. Loved how it turned out! (I was able to help on this one lol!)

This was a very special project. My Grandma Luke had given us this beautiful buffet and we painted it to match my dining set. Makes me so happy to have something in my home that belonged to her.

Painted our Laundry Room. 

(This is the before picture)

I loved this color when I saw it and thought I'm going to try it. I was so very happy with the results.

Still needs a few more things but I love doing laundry in there now. =)

Downstairs Bathroom Remodel

My Hubby ripped out everything in our downstairs bathroom. He put new tile in and painted. We also got a new vanity, mirror and chandelier. 

I loved how it turned out!

Now we are working on our bedroom. I found the material for my curtains and I'm hoping to make them by next week! I'll post pictures soon.
Thanks for following.... Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Recipe For Life!

I've been addicted to this new recipe. It has zero carbs, zero calories, leaves you with glowing skin and a bright smile. 

Recipe for a Happy Life

1 Cup Friendly
1 Cup Love
1 Cup Laughter 
2 Heaping Cups of Personality and Fun  
1 TBSP of  Great Friends 
Dash of Humor & Smiles

First, wash thoroughly of all worry, bitterness, rumors, hate and jealousy. You should be left with a clean, new slate. Measure Great Friends carefully. Add in cups of Friendly, Love and Laughter carefully. Use generous amounts of Personality and Fun. Cook, keep temperature low and do not boil. Add dash of Humor, Smiles. Season to taste with Spice of Life. 

Can be served with new beginnings or taking chances.

Just had to share! Everyone have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Medicines, Surprises, Pumpkin Patches, and Date Nights

I know its a crazy title and I'm warning you right away this will be sappy! Haha!

I just have to say I am so thankful for my hubby. He is always making me laugh and feel loved no matter what we go through. You never know what your going to face through life so that's why its important to marry your best friend.

I know you all have been waiting for an update on our baby situation. I have tried eating certain foods and doing some of the things the doctors told me, but its obvious that I need more help. I recently just went on two medications which are going to help my hormones get on balance and help me ovulate. Some of the side effects we read up on were not so pleasant, but I knew it was well worth it. Dan recently had got promoted on his job and I had talked to my boss and cut my days at work to Mondays and Wednesdays. They had told me I'm supposed to be on the medicine for 3 months and its plan is to get my body back on track. Its already proving to be working and the side effects have been minimum. I'm very thankful for that.

This is where the rest of the title comes in.  Dan has been doing so much for me to keep my mind off all this and helping me feel better. Seem likes every time I turn around there is a surprise for me or he is surprising me by taking me out.

First he had my house cleaned. This was the first time I ever had that done and it was WONDERFUL! If anyone needs a great house cleaner I will give you the # of a sweet lady at our church named Brenda!
Here is the link to her cleaning page.........

Next was him walking through the door with this wonderful piece of furniture. I had been drooling over every time I saw it a the store. I was so surprised!! Lots of Hugs and Kisses for him! ;-)

                                         ( My little Toile Pillows I made looked perfect on it.)

  I had been mentioning that I wanted to go to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins and decorate my porch. That night he planned for us to go. We got ready and headed out. It was the perfect day for it and we had a blast! Even got to visit my Grandma and bring her a pumpkin. She loved it!

The best one of all was that he had a planned for my birthday a night on the town in Seattle. He took me out to dinner and to the ride the new ferris wheel on the pier. It was such a romantic evening.

As I type this out I feel so incredibly blessed and thankful. God knew just what I needed in a soul mate and someone to help me get through tough times. Is everything perfect? Of course not but am I happy? Absolutely Yes!

I'm also so very thankful to my friends and family that have encouraged me along the way. I love and appreciate you more than you will ever know.